Feb 25, 2011



Tengah2 mlm ni tiba2 layan lagu lama2.

Build me up Buttercup
Rhythm of the Rain
Move your feet
Endless Love
Sugar Sugar
Viva Forever
Top Of the World
Buat Aku Tersenyum
Everything I do I do it For You
I Want to Spend My lifetime Loving you
Follow Me
Lass Kiss
The Remedy
True to your Heart
All i Have to do is Dream
You're Still the One
So Long Farewell

A good playlist in the middle of the night
: )


Feb 24, 2011




Story about a big family.
Story about small family.
Story about starting a family.

First impression of the tittle.
"Urgh cita pasal family ja pun, mesti boring gila"
At the end of the pilot episode, now i realize why people invented the proverb
dont judge a book by its cover.

Out of all the show i watch.
This is the only one can touch my heart.
and sometime makes my eyes full of water.
Every single episode.

Watching this make me realize how hard it is sometime 
to make everyone happy even though we love them.
and how hard to make them believe we love them.

I think the main message in this drama is that
how hard to be a good parent in the eyes of the children

The only show i will end by saying.

: ' )


Feb 22, 2011

Wait for it.....


Bila sampai us
Byk barang beli online
Semua kena tunggu.
Tapi takpa sbb tiap kali dapat mesti best gila.
Tu pun kalau x miss.

March 8. hari yang ditunggu.. :-D


Calculus Exam 1 dah abis. Woot!~
Apa nak buat weekend ni.
Ada dua event menarik tapi nak save duit.
X ikot la kot. 


Gotta Be Somebody : D

When it come.
Its gonna be legendary.


Feb 20, 2011



Hangin' out.
Down the street.
The same old thing.
We did last week.

Not a thing to do.....
But talk to you....

We're alright!
We're alright!


Love it~

Feb 19, 2011



For the last 48 hour. I just sleep 3 hour.
Thank to quiz and exam. 

Pack with activity.
I love day pack with activity.
Make me feel i use the day optimumly.

Banana Leaf, 
( kuih yg dlm gossip girl mkn tu )
Futsal beramai2,
Teka lagu?! haha.

Great Day with lot of energy usage.

I need to sleep. 
But my body is too tired to sleep.


Feb 17, 2011

One Word




Feb 14, 2011

Study Week


It gonna be a long week.

Isnin Quiz Calculus III 
Part integration =__=

Khamis Exam Theory Of Interest
Haih calculator =__=

Jumaat Quiz Calculus III lagi!
Prof vishik oii.. =__=

Selasa depan due race punya first paper.
Tak mula pun lagi. =__=

Takpa. Pelan-pelan kayuh. 


Feb 10, 2011

Pia.. Tidakkk..

Receive a huge and heavy box from UPS.
Yay. I hope it a good investment.
Let see what can i reach with it.


Ohh bilik sudah penuh. 


Feb 9, 2011



Can't wait for tomorrow. 
Please UPS come a little late.
I got class until. 3.20
I don't want to miss it. 


Feb 8, 2011

Greed vs Trust


Game of Liar
Winner gets a huge prize , Loser will be in debt.
The story start as a foolishly honest girl accidentally involve in the Liar Game.

There's lot of thing that i learn in this series + movie. 
1) Do good things to people although they do bad things to you.
2) Always forgive of someone wrongdoing 
3) Trust sometime will win against greed.
4) There's always a good side in every person even they are totally mess up.
5) Good people will turn bad if treated wrongly. 

Although the manga still in progress, the real action drama had ended.
Totally worth it to watch.
The expression are quite exaggerate but it's fun.
The game is mind blowing. Psuhhhhhhh~


"Is it wrong to be stupidly honest?" ~ Nao Kanzaki

Feb 7, 2011

Nothing to write



"nothing to write
eventually something will pop up"
~ Miss N

Feb 6, 2011


The week will end. 
And it will start over.
It will repeat. 
Until the end of semester.
Doing the same things every time.

How do i feel about this semester?